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In a competitive world of today, education has become exam oriented. Students securing very good marks in Secondary and Higher secondary standards get lost when it comes to professional courses.  Marks become the only criteria for the student to choose one branch of education or the other. The student’s liking, aptitude and endurance take a back seat in deciding the future. The students are prepared for exams sake and not for the knowledge the education offers. For our course, we proudly differ with this approach of education. A creative field as interior designing needs a completely new approach.

We in CAID want to create a center of excellence on Global Scale that offers specialized education training, advisory services and applied research in the field of Interior Design with a mission to develop human and institutional capacity. We encourage students to think on their own and develop their capacity to find solutions of their own, as designing an interior spaces is not pure mathematics where the answer to two plus two is only four. Taking the same analogy, in an education system, which is mainly aesthetically oriented, the answers of two plus two can be one, zero or even a fraction.

Design is creation. Creation can only take place in a free environment. It is this environment of CAID that brings out the inner values and true character of a student in the form of a creative design. As computers are becoming useful in all walks of life; we have designed a comprehensive course, which makes effective use of computers.

Be ready to enter the competitive world of Interior Designing and we assure you that your search ends here.

With regards,

Ar. Sanjay Shinde