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E-Learning at BNCA

E-Learning is the latest feather in the cap of BNCA . It is also referred as Learning Module System- LMS. This ‘Open Source’ medium has not only provided students and faculty a great platform for interaction but also helped students to share and gather knowledge. It has provided a common dais for faculty members to express and interact!

Some of the highlights of our e-learning system are,

  1. Online Aptitude test with automated assessment and detailed results
  2. Instant messaging system
  3. Online Attendance system with lecture wise attendance report
  4. Class forums, wherein professors and students can discuss topics and resolve FAQ’s, share knowledge and class wise discussions
  5. Content in the form of Power Point, Flash file,  Images, PDF’s, Audio, Video etc can be uploaded for further studies and reference
  6. Development of Computer Based Training tutorials
  7. Development of Repository, in which content uploaded by a professor which is viewed by all
  8. Glossary of some important terminologies to make students aware of language of architecture.
  9. News Forum, wherein latest news updates related to architecture profession to be shared.

Umesh Chavan, Information Technology Head and Architect Poorva Kulkarni, Faculty Coordinator – LMS Team manages E- platform at BNCA.

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