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Welcome to the Department of FAB Lab at BNCA

We at the BNCA FABLAB nurture the passion to network with creative professionals who understand the challenges of digital craft & design. We provide an environment wherein we bring in our inventory of core competencies and a fabulous array of digital machinery to let people work together on complex projects to make almost anything. The intention is to not only allow free accesses to the digital fabrication facility but to augment make ability of complex design and assemblies through our support. A place where creativity, passion, and invention are encouraged and nurtured
We invite you to take your idea, invention or design from your imagination, to a physical realization or a virtual prototype as you may. Take advantage of our resources and knowledge to drive innovation in your company and provide affordable, no-nonsense solutions to early stage product development
Whether you require assistance with the innovative process, or ideation, the Fab Lab provides you or your company with the tools necessary to drive the innovation process or accelerate your invention development timeline.
The BNCA FABLab is an evolving ecosystem and has been a continued leader among academic institutions in India utilizing machine automation to perform both subtractive and additive manufacturing processes for architectural prototyping.
Currently the FABLab houses laser cutting & engraving machines, router & milling machine, 3d printer and Dremel toolkit providing the ability to work at a wide range of material scales.
The BNCA fab lab has three work cells namely, the laser work cell with 2 nos laser cutting & engraving machines, the 3D printing work cell with 2 nos 3d printers and the robotic fabrication work cell with 1 cnc router & milling machine and 6 Axis Kuka robot.
These work cells can facilitate diverse range of processes. A KUKA KR-30 machine is a recent addition to the FABLab’s suite of digitally driven tools, enabling a wide range of applications. These tools are supported by traditional metalworking tools and assembly areas as well as collaborative teaching workspaces.

3D printers- The lab also makes use of two rapid prototyping machines for on-demand 3D printing of computationally generated models. This rapid prototyping machines are easily accessible to students and professionals alike.
6axis Kuka Robot – The largest machine in the lab is the 6axis Kuka Robot, with a 2.1M x 2.1Mx2.1M work volume. The robot is one of the largest in IndiaN subcontinent used in an architectural institution. The system has been laser calibrated to achieve accuracies approaching that of CNC machines. The robot can perform a host of bespoke industrial jobs like cutting, miling,range of pick and place operations. The robot also utilizes a gripper for material forming or assembly processes.

CNC Router and miller – One large 3 axis CNC routers process plywood , softwood, variety of timbers, MDF, polypropylene, etc in addition to 3D surfacing wood and foam.
Laser Cutters – The two laser cutting systems are capable of cutting and engraving,plywood and MDF upto a thickness of 8mm and metals upto thickness 2mm ————-
Wood and Metal Shop – A fully outfitted wood workshop supports the digital lab, allowing secondary processes such as bending and cutting ,on the digitally cut component
The facility has trained technicians to ensure the productivity of the process with quality that matches industrial standards, and is available six days a week from Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 6.00pm .
Computational capacities:-
Reverse engineering
Generative design

Machinery and Equipments

Name of the MachineImageWork AreaMaterial File typeApplication
Large scale laser cutter
TIL - 1360
kr1280_laser_cutting_machine900mm x 1200mm: Non-Metal Such as: Acrylic (0.5mm to25mm), Soft Wood (0.5mm to 8mm), Paper, Cardboard, Cloth, Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Ceramic*, MDF*, Plywood, ABS Sheet etcPLT, CDR, AI, DWG, DXF, DST, BMP,J PEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, etc.real scale project development such as furniture, structures etc.
Large Scale CNC Cutting and Miling Machine
cnc router1200mm x 1200mmNon-Metal Such as: Soft Wood, MDF*, Plywood, Foam, Thermocol, ABS Sheet etcCDRreal scale project development such as furniture, architectural prototyping etc.
3D printer – PRINTDEL 3D MAXMax 3D Printer 300x220x200mm_32300mm X 225mm X 200mm ABS/PLA FilamentSTLreal scale project development such as furniture, architectural prototyping etc
GCC Spirit Laser Cutting Machine SI-25laser cutting460mm x 740mmNon-Metal Such as: MDF 3mm, Acrylic Sheet 0.5 to 10, Paper, Laser foil, Leather etcCDR, DWG, DXF, STL etc.real scale project development such as furniture, architectural prototyping etc