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The institute is endowed with a high caliber, dedicated, result oriented, highly qualified and experienced team of professionally inclined faculty members. Majority of them have a Masters Degree with adequate experience in teaching and profession. They have presented research papers in national and international seminars and symposiums and published articles in well known Architectural magazines. Specialized faculty and well known experts are called for seminars and workshops from all over India

BNCA regards its human resources as its most valuable asset. The faculty members of the college through their qualification and intellectual pursuit in various fields of specialization in architecture and Interior design lend the institute a unique platform, which premade through the various academic and professional endeavors of the college.

Apart from its regular faculty group, the college also enjoys a healthy and beneficial interaction with its visiting faculty. These are individuals having a high proficiency in their chosen areas of the profession, entrepreneurs, alumni and well-known academicians within and around the city.

The institute to ensure a holistic exposure to its students has a team of professionals, entrepreneurs and alumni as visiting faculty. This helps our students to be in constantly updated with latest in their profession.

Sr. No.PostName of the StaffQualification  
Batchlor's / UGMasters/ PGPh.D
1PrincipalDr. Anurag Kashyap1983
Pune Univ.
METP 1998
Pune Uni.
Ph.D Cell Head
Dr. Vasudha Gokhale1990
Univ. of Bhopal
Uni of Roorkee
Acad. Head
Dr.. Shubhada Kamlapurkar1992
Pune Univ.
1994 M.Arch Consevation
SPA Delhi
4ProfessorProf. Shruti Joshi1992
Registed 2014
5ProfessorProf. Sujata Karve1996 B.Arch
Pune Univ.
SPA Delhi
Registed 2012
6ProfessorProf. Meera Shirolkar1998 B.Arch
Shivaji Univ.
Pune Univ.
Registed 2013
7ProfessorProf. Abhay PawarB.Arch
Pune Univ
Urban Design CEPT Univ.
M.City Planning
Registed 2012
8Professor (Selection approval awaited)Dr. Chetan Sahastrabuddhe1998 B.Arch. Pune Univ.M.Arch Conservation2017
9Asso. ProfessorProf. Kavita Murugkar1998 B.Arch
Pune Univ.
MA Archaeology
Registed 2012
10Asso. ProfessorProf. Asmita Joshi1993 B.Arch2005
M.Arch Landscape
Kingston Univ
Registed 2012
11Asso. ProfessorProf. Prakash Joshi1985
Pune Univ
12Asso. ProfessorProf. Ravindra Patwardhan1988
B.Arch Nagpur Univ
SPA Delhi
13Asso. ProfessorProf. Poorva KulkarniB.Arch
Shivaji Univ
Const. Mgt.
14Asso. ProfessorProf. Vaishali Anagal2006
Shivaji Univ
M.Tech (T & CP 2006)
Pune Univ
15Asso. ProfessorProf. Rahul Chutake1996 B.Arch
Pune Univ
2003 MS
Texas A & M Univ
Registed 2014
16Asso. ProfessorProf. Dhruv Chandwania2005
Pune Univ
2009 M.Arch Digital Arch
17Asso. ProfessorProf. Madhuri Zite2002
18Asso. ProfessorProf. Atul RajwadeB.Arch
19Asso. ProfessorProf.Aniruddha
20Asso. ProfessorProf. Aarti Verma1996 B.Arch
Nagpur Univ
PG Dip in Landscape
CEPT Ahemadabad
Registed 2016
21Asso. ProfessorProf. Sudhanva Kolhatkar1993 B.Arch
Pune Univ
22Asst. ProfessorProf. Sanjeevani Pendse1988 B.Arch
Mumbai Univ
2001 M.Arch
Mumbai Univ
Registed 2012
23Asst. ProfessorProf. Padmapriya V.2001 B,Arch
Madras Univ
2007 M.Arch IIT
24Asst. ProfessorProf. Mahesh Bangad2008 B.Arch
Pune Univ
2010 M.Sc Project Mgt
Univ of Manchester
M.Arch Env. Pune Uni
25Asst. ProfessorProf. Namrata Dhamankar2007 B.Arch
Pune Univ
2008 M.Sc Env Design
Cardiff Univ
26Asst. ProfessorProf. Umesh Chavan (AUTO CAD)1996 BScBasic Electronics Com.Hardware & Networking UNIX, LINUX
27Asst. ProfessorProf. Mayuresh ShirolkarB.Arch2011
M.Arch Env,
28Asst. ProfessorProf. Jayant Patwardhan1992 BE CivilDip.In Des.
29Asst. ProfessorProf. Dharti SoteB.ArchM.Arch Env 2013
Pune Univ
for Ph.D
30Asst. ProfessorProf. Neha Joshi2009 B.ArchM.Arch Env 2012
Pune Univ
31Asst. ProfessorProf. Geeta Nagarkar2000 B.Arch
Pune Univ
M.Arch Env
Pune Univ
33Asst. ProfessorProf. Subhashish
2001 B.Arch\2005 M.Arch
34Asst. ProfessorProf. Smita OgaleB.Arch Pune UnivM.Arch DA
35Asst. ProfessorProf.Sujata Kodag1994 B.Arch2008 M.Arch
36Asst. ProfessorProf. Yamini DeshmukhB.ArchMS in
37Asst. ProfessorProf. Amruta BarveB.ArchM.Arch
38Asst. ProfessorProf. Nirupa TambeB.Arch Pune UnivM.Arch Pune Univ
39Asst. ProfessorProf.Anita KhandekarB.Arch 1984 VRCE NagpurM.Arch New Delhi 1986
40Asst. ProfessorProf. Medha GurjarB.Arch 1978 VRCE Uni.ME Civil May 2004
41Asst. ProfessorProf. Madhuli ParanjapeB.Arch 2003 .,PG Const. Mgt.
42Asst. ProfessorProf. Nivedita BachhavB.Arch Pune UniversityPGPCM, National inst of Const. Mg
43Asst. ProfessorProf. Pushkar JoshiB.Arch 2005,M.Arch Env.2013
44Asst. ProfessorProf. Sayali KulkarniB.ArchM.Arch
45Asst. ProfessorProf. Kshitija KolhatkarB.ArchM.Arch EA
46Asst. ProfessorProf. Neerja HingneB.ArchM.Arch
47Asst. ProfessorProf. Anuradha ShendeB.Arch 1998, M.Arch
48Asst. ProfessorProf. Chaitanya PeshweB.Arch 1996Masters in Urban Design USA 1999
49Asst. ProfessorProf. Jadhav MohitB.Arch 1999PG Business Adm.
50Asst. ProfessorProf. Prateek VangikarB.Arch 2000-05 PuneM.Arch Partlett school of arch, London 2007
51Asst. ProfessorProf. Nidhi DixitB.ArchM.Arch
52Asst. ProfessorProf. Sayali Andhare2005 B.Arch
VJNT Nagpur
53Asst. ProfessorProf. Kiran Nichale (Graphics Designer)1995 GD Arch
Govt. of Maharashtra
54Asst. ProfessorProf. Sanjay Shinde1987 B.Arch
Pune Univ
55Asst. ProfessorProf. Sunil HingmireB.Arch
56Asst. ProfessorProf.Suvarna VazeB.Arch
57Asst. ProfessorProf. Shweta GadeB.Arch
58Asst. ProfessorProf.Priyanka Ghate2008 B.Arch
59Asst. ProfessorProf. Mukta Deshpande2002 B.Arch
60Asst. ProfessorProf. Tejashree NatuB.Arch
61Asst. ProfessorProf. Harshada
1991 B.Arch
62Asst. ProfessorProf.Khushboo
63Asst. ProfessorProf. Harshwardhan
64Asst. ProfessorProf. Sheetal NandodeB.Arch
65Asst. ProfessorProf. Anita DakeGovt. Diploma in Architecture [G.D.Arch.]
66Asst. ProfessorProf. Chaitanya PadhyeBachelor of Architecture [B.Arch.]
67Asst. ProfessorProf. Kanetkar ChandrikaB.Arch 1986
68Asst. ProfessorProf. Nikam JyotindraB.Arch
69Asst. ProfessorProf. Pednekar KalpanaB.Arch
70Asst. ProfessorProf. Ghatani KavitaB.Arch 1995
71Asst. ProfessorProf.Sonali MalwankarB.Arch Pune University 1995
72Asst. ProfessorProf.Sunil KulkarniB.Arch 1994 Pune
73Asst. ProfessorProf.Bapat SuneetaB.Arch 1997
74Asst. ProfessorProf.Monika DigheB.Arch 1999
75Asst. ProfessorProf. Swapnil GawandeB.Arch., Pune Univ.
76Asst. ProfessorProf. Abhay KulkarniB.Arch
Sr. No. PostName of the StaffQualification  
Batchlor's / UGMasters/ PGPh.D
11ProfessorProf. Sharveya Dhongde (Environment)B.Arch 1995 Pune Univ.M.Arch. Dist. P.G.Diploma in Alternative DesignRegisted 2012
21Asso. ProfessorProf. Swati Sahastrabuddhe (Landscape)B.Arch. Pune Univ. M.Arch. SPA Delhi, Registed 2012
32Asso. ProfessorProf. Dhanashree Sardeshpande (Digital)B.Arch 1995, Nagpur Univ.M.Arch DA 2013 Pune Univ
43Asso. ProfessorProf.Sonali RajwadeB.ArchM.Arch
54Asso. ProfessorProf.Manjiri MahajanB.ArchM.Arch
65Asso. ProfessorProf. Rahul NawaleB.Arch.,
Pune Univ.
Post Graduate Diploma in
Urban Design
71Asst. ProfessorProf. Prajakta Kulkarni (Environment)B.Arch 2006 Pune Univ.M.Arch (Environment Arch) 2008
82Asst. ProfessorProf. Deva PrasadB.Arch 2006
Technological Univ
2011 Anna University
93Asst. ProfessorProf. Poonam AgasheB.ArchM.Arch
104Asst. ProfessorProf. Anupama Khatawkar2009 B.Arch
Pune Univ
M.Arch LA 2011
115Asst. ProfessorProf. Neha AdkarB.ArchM.Arch