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Successfully completed Joint Studio sessions with Universities of International repute

  • ‘Lost Gardens of Khajuraho’ – Belgium INTACH with BNCA Landscape Master’s department
  • Vocational Graduate Program & CAID Program with Southbank University, Brisbane, Australia
  • Joint Studio with KTH, Sweden by BNCA Environmental Master’s Dept.
  • ‘Revitilisation of Market Places’ – Joint Studio with Curtin University
  • ‘Mathura – Community based Initiative at Lakhnu’ – Joint Studio with Curtin University

Joint Workshops

  • PRAAKRUTEE – 2006
  • SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency – ‘Sustainable City’
  • Joint Workshop on Culture & Lifestyle study
  • Joint Workshop with Colombo SOA, Sri Lanka
  • Joint Workshop with SLIGO University, Ireland
  • Joint Workshop on Conservation Tools of Core City of Pune – Royal Institute of Sweden
  • Joint Workshop on Socio-Economical development of India with SIT, USA
  • Joint Workshop with Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
  • Joint Workshop with Polytechnic University of Catalonia (PUC), Barcelona – ETSAB – Summer & Winter Workshop
  • Joint Workshop on Balinese Architecture, Landscape & Interiors – Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia
  • Joint Workshop with University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA – Varanasi Project
  • Ventures in Digital Architecture – India, Joint Workshop / Symposium
  • Deliberative Democracy Workshop for Dattawadi
  • Demola, EU


BNCA SWEDAN joint workshop
BNCA SWEDEN Joint Workshop
Joint Workshop with Polytechnic university of Catalonia, Barcelona (ETSAB)









SIT American students at BNCA
SIT American students at BNCA
BNCA Curtin university (Austalia) Joint Studio 2015







BNCA Curtin university (Austalia) Joint Studio