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Greetings and Welcome to the Department of Environmental Architecture.

The department of Environmental Architecture was established in 2006 to impart education in the field of environment combining the domains of           environmental planning and architecture. At BNCA we believe in the philosophy that change is the only constant as well as recognize the importance of holistic development of the students. We at the department also follow this philosophy to keep constantly upgrading and keeping with the current times. We also believe in the philosophy of quality education and contributing positively to this relatively new field through Research in Environmental Architecture. This is also a platform for students , professionals as well as society at large to interact and share knowledge.

As an architect-planner Gandhiji’s philosophy of Need and Greed has had a deep impact on my thoughts. In today’s world of increasing consumption of resources basic needs are going to be hard to fulfill. Challenges of climate change, depleting resources are staring us in the face. As Environmental Architects we have a major role to play in ensuring a sustainable future for our future generations.

The course thus encompasses learning from the past but looking towards the future in areas of energy management, natural resource management, sustainable development etc. It also tries to imbibe from the cultural context of Asia but keeping a global view. The course enables the students to innovate, and research both in the domains of practice and theory and build their individual thoughts on the subject.

The course is a 2 year full time rigorous program providing an opportunity for fresh graduates of architecture as well as experienced professionals to explore this field and bring to their practice a sensitivity towards the environment and thus to our future.

Best Wishes for healthier, livable and sustainable world!

Sharveya Dhongde
Department of Environmental Architecture