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M. Arch.- L. A.

Welcome to the Department of Masters of Landscape Architecture at BNCA

‘Landscape Architecture’ deals with concerns and concepts related to pure nature, nature-man relationship and manmade environments. Landscape Architecture encompasses aspects such as ecology, environmental up gradation, industrial landscapes, and wasteland management, urban landscapes, green belts, and cultural and historical landscapes and so on from micro to macro level. Landscape Architecture has a ‘history’ a ‘present’ and a ‘future’, which reveals man’s response to nature from the past till present. The essential dimension of Landscape Architecture is the dimension of time.

Landscape Architecture is both an art and a science, concerned with creating places for people.  Landscape Architects may use the tools of planning, design, management and analysis in which to conceive of and guide the development of land.This department offers two year maters degree course in landscape architecture. This course is designed and detailed as per the norms of Council of Architecture of India, AICTE All India Council of Technical Education and University of Pune. This course has started at the inception of the BNCA in 2006. The intake is of 20 students for this course.

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Academic Program


The department of Landscape Architecture at BNCA offers a two-year full time post-graduate course –M.Arch( Landscape Architecture) which deals with enhancement of an architect, imparting skills of design, planning and research. The four semesters give an elaborate understanding of the subject in terms of its theoretical and practical understanding from micro-level to macro-level.

The content of the syllabus aims at contributing comprehensively to the field of Landscape Architecture and providing an academic base for evolving future professionals and scholars with a serious concern and responsibility towards the profession of Landscape Architecture.

M. Arch (Landscape Architecture) at Dr. B.N. College of Architecture (BNCA), Pune, gives emphasis on developing attitudes and concerns, to create culturally and ecologically sustainable landscape environments, which contribute to the society at large.

This course is approved by Council of Architecture of India, recognised by Government of Maharashtra and by ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) and affiliated to University of Pune. The intake is of 20 students for this course.

Academic Schedule

The course starts in first or second week of July.  The overall schedule is based on the dates as given by the University of Pune. Academic Schedule of every course at BNCA is designed as per the following norms of Council of Architecture, AICTE and Pune University.

Teaching Days 180 days
Preparation Leave Day 15 days
Exam Days 10 days
Total Number of working Days 205 days

BNCA makes every effort to integrate the various academics events, student activities, extracurricular activities, holidays and university examination schedules while preparing academic schedule.

Contact hours per day 6 hours
Number of days per week 5 days
Total contact hours per week 30 hrs
College Hours 7.30 am to 2.00 pm


The academic year of Masters of Architecture – M. Arch. – Landscape Architecture course at BNCA generally starts from on 1st or 2nd week of July.

Time table for academic course at BNCA is made as per the guidelines and the norms of Pune University and Council of Architecture.

The academic time for respective academic subject is assigned as per the marks allotted for in university syllabus. BNCA also makes effort to integrate various academic subjects while planning time table of respective academic course for integrated learning.

Future Prospects

The training of 2 years at the Department of Masters of Landscape Architecture at BNCA will enable a student to,

  1. Work as a landscape architect as a multidisciplinary team- member on large-scale development projects such ascity planning, township development, eco- tourism projects, etc
  2. Work as a landscape- project manager with project management firms or set up his or her landscape project management firm.
  3. To set up landscape architecture professional practice.
  4. Get into research or PhD in India or abroad in the subject related or allied to landscape architecture.
  5. Work in academics and teaching field.
  6. Work in semi- government and government departments on various projects developed by them.
  7. Work with environmental organizations as a landscape architect.
  8. Enter the field of landscape architecture journalism, which demands creative writing skills.
  9. Work on live projects of Institute’s consultancy cell.