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MKSSS’s Dr.B.N College of Architecture for women completed its 3rd international Project under United Nations Academic Impact Program (UNAI) in Jamaica after its prior Projects in Tanzania and Zambia.
BNCA is a member of UNAI and has been doing pioneering work with respect to promoting sustainability through education working with the community on local and global level.

As a part of the program, students of BNCA worked on design development for revamping of Ship containers for school utility as classrooms, library and reading rooms for Barrack Road primary school at Montego Bay, Jamaica. The solutions are innovative, creative and viable and can be replicated in other schools in Jamaica.

The BNCA team also studied the Eco – tourism in Jamaica and after study and analysis, the team has proposed a “Heritage Trail for Montego Bay” for the next phase of the project. The trail will help and promote the local Architecture and local community.

A brief Proposal of the same will be submitted to Jamaica Tourism Board in the coming days.
BNCA Team met Representatives from the Ministry of Education, Member of the parliament, and Representatives from Tourism Ministry at Jamaica and presented the proposals. The proposals were endorsed and a funding of 2000$ was immediately bestowed to the team for the purchase of Container. The refurbishment work will be completed in the month of July before the starting of the school session.

Dr.Anurag Kashyap, Principal BNCA has been instrumental in introducing the pioneering Service learning programs at BNCA. Prof Asmita Divekar, Program Director for UNAI at BNCA has been instrumental in successful conceptualization and implementation of the programs.

BNCA team was also invited at the Indian Consulate general office at New York and Resp.Mr. Dnyaneshwar Muley wholeheartedly supported the endeavour.BNCA is also looking forward working out “Cultural Exchange program” on academic and non-academic level between US and INDIA.

“The Program in Jamaica has been a great Success and our students and our faculty have made BNCA proud. This endeavor has led to set an example to be followed for sustainable initiatives and community development programs preceding the earlier Programs in Tanzania and Zambia”. (Dr.Anurag Kashyap – Principal BNCA).

“Working on Live site is always a great learning experience for the students. Service learning programs inculcate among the students, a sense of responsibility towards the community and society at large. Architecture education does not remain confined on paper and students can see the end product. “ (Asmita Divekar – Program Director – UNAI)

Service learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which the students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs.

BNCA Team at the United Nations Headquarter, NewYork

BNCA Team at the India house, Consulate General Office with Indian Ambassador Respected Mr.Dnyaneshwar Mulay

UNAI and BNCA Team at United Nations Headquarter

Students Participated in the program
1) Renuka Patil 4th year B.arch
2) Karishma Kalbhor 4th year B.arch
3) Roshni ghadge 4th year B.arch
4) Surhuda Karekar 4th year B.arch
5) Minna Bansal 3rd year B.arch
6) Ruchi Pahuja 3rd year B.arch
7) Kalpita Deshmukh 3rd year B.arch
8) Ishani Nawale 1st year B.arch

Mr.Hassan, Mr.Vikas Sharma,Elsie,Prof Asmita (BNCA),MR.Ramu Damodaran(Chief UNAI),Mr.Koshy…The UNAI –BNCA Team

UNAI Principal : A commitment to promoting sustainability through education.