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Architecture is as old as man’s ability to build. This ability has developed greatly along with many skills and insights obtained in other fields of human endeavor.

Acquisition of any skill is the result of a process of learning and educating oneself. This process gets traditionalized and institutionalized through the passage of time and as per social needs. Thus institutions of education came into being where courses of study reflect more and more areas of inquiry and specialization.

With this multiplication of course and extremes of specializations, the individual parts within a discipline proliferate and the whole meaning and purpose of a field of study gets obscured. Similarly, the co -relationship between the mounting numbers of disciplines reflecting overall societal development) became more and more difficult to grasp.

Therefore a need arises to understand, co relate, organize and structure or re-structure any course of study within a certain discipline.

The above thought is the sole purpose of going through the exercise of restructuring of a framework for a course in Architecture. We attempt to understand and grasp all the components that make up this study; their conceptual and contextual inter relationship in terms of their meaning, purpose and content.

With this understanding we have entered into an exercise of RESTRUCTURING the present course of study, i.e. Educational Program in terms of academic, administrative skills and other support activities; including, available but appropriate duration of time for meaningful implementation.

Besides this ROEP – Restructing of Education Program cell is also active in organizing academic workshops, and lecture series.