The Institute building has Large Auditorium to accommodate 280 persons. The Auditorium is fully Air- Conditioned, Acoustically treated. It is mainly used for Academic and cultural events held in the Institute. The Auditorium has advanced Audio-visual system, Internet facilities, and comfortable tiered seats for better visibility. There is a large conference hall, which can be converted into two halls. The total capacity of the conference hall is 55 PAX. It is equipped with LCD Projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity, Internet facility, Modular furniture systems. The hall can be easily divided whenever two separate events are held, by the acoustically designed movable partition system.

Being Architectural Institute all the common and open areas are furnished with displays of student works. This acts as permanent museum of works produced by the students. The displays will encourage students in their curriculum and as well have a good competitive spirit. The two large courtyards, open lounge area acts as good interactive areas for visitors, students as well as staff members. There is well organized Material Museum equipped with all types of latest materials from market. Attached to this there is Construction yard on external land to enable students have a hands on experience for the construction techniques related to their curriculum.

Architecture being the prime faculty of this organization, the facility is further categorized in different departments such as, Design Dept, Building Technology, Landscape, Digital Architecture, Environmental and IT Dept. all closely associated with Architecture. The Institute has undergraduate, post-graduate and PHD faculties, all under one roof. This compels the facility to be one of its kinds to smoothly facilitate the related activities and events. The Digital dept of Architecture is fully equipped with advanced, Hi-Tech digital fabrication Lab on GF. The Lab has laser cutting and printing machines, latest Robotic Arm that will be utilized for complicated, innovative digital fabrication jobs. The lab also has Carpentry workshop, CNC machine. The Robotic arm and fully equipped Lab is one of its kinds and this Institute has taken first initiative in establishing same first time in India.

All the areas of the Institute are well designed aesthetically, suitable to the course conducted and has identity of its own.