Institutional Distinctiveness

Dr. B N College of Architecture is a women-only educational institute. In the institutes early years in 1990’s, being a girls’ college offering an Architecture course was viewed almost as a liability by the educational fraternity. BNCA has however managed to survive and thrive under such circumstances. In fact we view being ‘women only’ institute as our asset and it defines our distinctiveness.

We believe in teaching and learning beyond the curriculum. Environment, Ecology, Climate-change, and Culture are the aspects that we focus on. All these are shaped largely by architectural practices. We don’t want our graduates to become designers who only get published in glossy magazines but rather we aim to create professionals of the built environment who have a deep empathy for nature and human life.

Our activities such as the projects under United Nations Academic Impact Program, activities of our numerous Students’ Clubs dedicated to ecology (Vanaja) and traditional Indian knowledge (Once upon a time in India), MOU’s with organizations like MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency), and INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), and participation in competitions like Solar Decathalon are all with a conscious aim of nurturing environmental and cultural empathy in our students.

BNCA looks forward to nurturing sensitive professionals of the built environment.