Computer Labs

The college has high-tech computer graphics studios with more than 410 advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc. All are the back bone of our infrastructure. Advance graphics lab is equipped with 120 computers with advanced configurations, a central control room, audio – visual projection facilities and a central data archiving center. As a part of BNCA’s pursuit to be technologically in sync with the times, the following hardware and systems were installed in the college:

  • Advanced Networking Equipment from CISCO,
  • DELL/HP Graphics work station,
  • Cyberoam firewall security system,
  • CCTV Surveillance security system,
  • NAS – Network Attached Storage data back-up system of 2TB capacity.

A new utility center was started for the students and faculty of the college with facilities for printing, plotting, scanning, photocopying and free stations for internet browsing.

IT Infrastructure

Physical Facilities

Policy: To study the needs of the stakeholders of the college periodically, create and enhance necessary infrastructure facilities and put them to optimum use. The Management Committee meets twice a year to plan the Academic and Administrative activities of the college. Besides, as and when the need arises, budget for the enhancement of infrastructure is proposed and passed through resolutions in the Governing Body Meeting.

Curricular and co-curricular activities in terms of classrooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial rooms, laboratories, and other specialized facilities provided.

The Institute building is divided into Ground Floor plus 4 floors. The Ground Floor mainly has Admin areas, Principal’s office and HOD staff. There are open interactive spaces in between. The floors above have classrooms, studios, Labs, staff rooms. The floor rooms are divided in form of large drawing studios and classrooms. The studios are equipped with well-furnished drafting tables and chairs. All the studios are well lit and ventilated naturally. The studios are large enough to accommodate 40 students of each batch. There are parallel classroom for each division where lectures are conducted. All Studios and classrooms have Black boards, LCD screen, LCD Projectors with a Desktop at teacher’s desk. Teacher is provided with raised dais for better visual contact with each student.

The whole institute has complete Wi-Fi environment accessible to staff and students to get easy connectivity to the Internet and on-line Cloud based system. The studios and classrooms are also equipped with LCD projectors and Desktops connected by LAN. This enables easy access to the Internet and Intranet. The facility enables students and staff to access academic records, attendance system from the class itself. The corridors, classrooms, staff areas have CCTV systems in place for complete security on each floor. The Institute has Hi-Tech and fully equipped computer Labs which are fully Air-Conditioned. There are fully functioning Laboratories segregated department wise. The Ground Floor also has fully functional Library, Conference Halls, Board room, which are Air-Conditioned for the total comfort for the staff. The Board room is equipped with Video conferencing facility to enable National and Inter-National level meetings, forum discussions, seminars etc.

Detail of the computer and Internet facility made available to the faculty and students.

All the computers in the building are connected in LAN and provided with the internet facility. All the computer lab and faculty and staff admin computers are interconnected and facilitated with internet.

The connection to all the users is secured with the username and password.

The internet connection has bandwidth of 1:1 ILL 120 Mbps. The connection is available to all the users 24×7 including Saturday and Sunday.

Strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and related facilities?

  • ICT enabled classrooms have been introduced for enriching the teaching and learning process.
  • More number of hardware and software are added to cater to the needs of the students and staff.
  • Every department has Internet facility to speed up the activities like browsing and research.
  • Interactive boards, Digital visualizer, Electronic podium, Digital slate etc. have been added to upgrade the IT infrastructure facilities.

The computers in the lab are well configured suitable for the use of design software by the users for Architecture. These computers are upgraded as per the need of university syllabus and the software version change.

The computer and related electronic equipment are tested and maintained with a scheduled frequency to keep the facility up and running.

Every three months all the computers and related equipment are cleaned with the appropriate blower and tools. The inventory of the products is done to check and update the deadstock.

Institution facilitate extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching learning materials by its staff and students.

IT Department– Computer Hardware & Networking Support

For all the desktop computers provided to Employees and students. Finding the best possible suitable configuration for the design needs and provide them the best. Troubleshooting of all the pc and software.


All the PCs are connected in LAN. The networking layout designing and implementation is done. The computers are spread over four storied and in two wings of the building.


The campus is enabled for wireless connectivity. All the laptop users and Smart devices are getting connected to the resources with DHCP enabled access points. Free yet Secure and controlled internet connection is provided to all.

Domain Server

For authentication of users on the client PC, windows 2012 server is configured. The policies are implemented for various groups and users.

Anti-Virus Server

The anti-virus server console is configured for catering the centralized updating support for clients.

Attendance System

Bio-Metric attendance system.

Storage System

Network Attached Storage Server is configured for automatic / schedule data backup for all the users in the campus. The backup system is based on WIN2K8 authentication and is secure. The basic system is embedded chip in Linux.

Audio Systems

All the classes are equipped with amplifier, speaker set and lapel mike. The conference hall, seminar hall and the courtyard is equipped with high quality audio systems.

Projection Systems

The LCD Projectors are placed at various locations and used for students and staff, for presentations, seminars, workshops.

Internet Firewall

‘Cyberoam’, is a unified threat management system. It has user management, bandwidth management system, anti-spam, antivirus, IDP, web and content filtering etc.

Audio and Video Editing

Recording the workshops, seminar, site visits etc. and producing the digital documentation. Audio editing and mixing for various purposes.

Online Learning and Teaching – Learning Management System (LMS)
e-Learning Platform Development: Using Open Source software code the portal has been made available as e-learning platform for BNCA.

  • Online Attendance system with hourly (Lecture wise) attendance report generation. Comprehensive attendance report of each student. Student can see only his/her attendance report weekly/monthly/yearly. Using same username and password, the parents also can see the records.
    Teachers can mark the students present, late, excused and absent with any remark.
  • On the same platform we have deployed Feedback/Evaluation system for betterment in teaching and learning process. Feedback from students about Teachers, teaching methods, Library, and the administration of the college. Which has customized question bank and the answers are analyzed automatically. The analyzed output of the feedback is in the form of question and answers with a bar chart showing the analysis of each question.This feedback is anonymous and hence the student can give genuine feedback about the teacher and or the facility.
  • Online Aptitude test with automated assessment and detailed results.
    The unit tests are conducted online with time scheduled for each user. The questions are fired form the question bank created and the questions are shuffled for every user, so that the user can’t copy the answers.
    The result of which gets generated immediately and can be seen after submission of the quiz. The evaluation of wrong and correct answers also can be seen for the further understanding of the subject.
  • News and Forum, wherein teachers and students can discuss the topics and resolve the FAQ’s.
    Discussion forum has a very wide capacity to help students and teachers. The students can discuss on various topics and help each other. The teachers are also part of the same forum and hence helps students in their difficulty and discussions.
  • Recourse as Repository: Content in the form of Power Point, Flash file, Images, PDF’s, Audio, Video etc. can be kept for repetitive study.
  • The external website links can be provided here for the reference study.
  • Various video and or links of the video embedded here for study.

The entire e-Learning Web Portal is accessible to the students and faculty 24 x 7 “Anytime-Anywhere” (provided the internet connection and the internet enabled device is present)

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) on Cloud

The cloud based web enabled system is designed per the work flow of each table function.

All the students’ administration from Admission form to Alumni is maintained online. It becomes easy for the administration of the students records and reduces duplication data and work.

The web based ERP has the following modules as to facilitate the college function,

  • Student Section
  • Employee Section
  • Leave Management
  • Time Table
  • Attendance System
  • Event Management
  • Assignments
  • Study Material
  • Fees
  • Examinations
  • Inventory
  • ID Cards
  • Payroll
  • Reports
  • Performances

The students admission form is filled in front of the student and respective administrative and accounts related functions completed at one place and the ID card is issued by taking the photograph. The process has become so smooth that once the student enters for the admission, it takes few minutes to complete the entire process of admission.

The employees database is managed on the ERP which is used for the payment and attendance.
The Leave Management is a facility for employees to apply for a leave and the respective HOD approves the same online.

The Time Table for each class is created with details as, Day, Time, Subject, Teacher. With these parameters the comprehensive time table can be created with no clashes of assigning teachers to the class and or subject.

The Event management system allows faculty to fill in the event pre-requisite in accordance with the support required from the admin and IT department.

Assignment is to be uploaded by the teacher for the class and the students submit the soft copy for checking and marking.
Students can pay their college fees online. The tracking of fees details is available to the students till they pass-out.

The Teaching Plan feature ensure the syllabus to be covered in a semester. All the subjects and topics needs to be marked as per the time table, which ensures the topic and subject completion.

The Time Table ensures the date and time for a subject and the faculty.
When attendance conducted by a faculty for the day, time and subject, it also ensures the attendance of a faculty in the class.
Hence the systems overall interdependent characteristics helps to analyse various reports related to the students and faculty.