Movie Club

BNCA’s Movie Club is a dynamic hub within the college, uniting students who share a profound love for cinema. What distinguishes us is our distinctive emphasis on exploring the intricate relationship between architecture and film. We believe that through the lens of cinema, we can gain new perspectives on design, space, and human experiences, enriching our understanding of both disciplines.

At BNCA’s Movie Club, our mission is to cultivate a space where students can immerse themselves in the art of cinema while also delving into its connections with architecture. Through regular film screenings, thought-provoking discussions, and special events, we aim to foster a community that celebrates creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. From classic films to cutting-edge documentaries, we curate a diverse selection of screenings that cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and explore….

At BNCA’s Movie Club, we offer a dynamic lineup of films, short films, documentaries, and special event screenings that provide exposure, ignite creativity, and explore varied themes. From thought-provoking documentaries addressing pressing social issues to visually stunning feature films pushing creative boundaries, our curated selections aim to inspire critical thinking and foster innovation. Additionally, we showcase short films to highlight emerging talent and innovative storytelling techniques while also recognizing the importance of screening events of national significance such as the launch of Chandrayaan, offering our members a platform to celebrate and engage with key milestones in science, technology, and exploration.

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Students Coordinators :

  • Henna  Bhandari
  • Diya Gugale
  • Natasha Darvatkar
  • Muskan Agarwal
  • Labdhi Changediya
  • Palak  chapparwal