Maintenance and cleanliness

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Policy details

The central campus in Karvenagar has several units (institutes) where the Samstha centrally controls building maintenance, garden maintenance and housekeeping (cleaning) and maintenance of equipments.

Plumbers, electricians and constructions labour are recruited from known agencies as and when required.

  • The institute has been allocated 9 outsourced housekeeping personnel which work from 8 am to 5 pm, 6 days a week.
  • The fixed/movable infrastructural equipments are monitored and maintained.
  • Required steps are taken for location, upkeep and maintenance of sensitive equipment (voltage fluctuations, constant supply of water etc.
  • The sanctioned load by electricity provider to the institute is 753 kVA. In addition, the Samstha has its own transformer of capacity 1130 kVA. The institute also has 3 diesel generators of backup capacity 820 kVA.
  • For uninterrupted power supply the institution has installed 18 UP systems with total capacity of 102.5kVA
  • For drinking water, the institute is provided with 6 filtered water dispensers at different locations. There is centralized surveillance system having 137 CCTV Cameras in place.
  • The institute is equipped with powder fire extinguishers and CO2fire extinguishers installed at strategic locations for emergency firefighting monitored by Vastu Vyastha Vibhag MKSSS.
  • For facilitation of internal and external communication the building is equipped with Telecom System with single or multiple terminals.

Physical Cleaning

  1. Toilets, Common area, Classrooms and staff rooms are maintained by appointed regular and contract staff. The cleaning and maintenance work supervise by appointed sanitary inspector and supervisor.
  2. Classrooms and Staffrooms; – group of 4 contract person clean classroom and staff room twice a Day. Appointed peon work for maintenance. Each staff room is assigned with one peon.
  3. Cleaning of water coolers: – every floor has a water cooler, which is cleaned and maintained by two peons once in a week and supervised by the assigned staff.
  4. Water purify maintenance: -is done by hired agency and cleaned once in three month duly reported to the assigned staff.
  5. Electrical Maintenance: -it is regularly done by assigned staff.
  6. Lift services and maintenance: – college has two lifts for maintenance of which annual contract has been given to IEC LIFTS.the agency looks after the maintenance and it is done on monthly and call basis.
  7. Property Insurance: – Theft, burglary, fire etc., an annual insurance policy is resumed by New India Insurance Company, the insurance policy is termed on all the property and can be claimed in case of any disasters.
  8. Security guards: -For parking and traffic management and safety, security agency appointed by the samstha \(Vastu Vyavstha Vibhag).
  9. Gardener: – Gardner has been appointed by Vastu Vyavstha Vibhag MKSSS to look after the landscape.
  10. Furniture Maintenance: – A contractor or agency is hired for repair or maintenance work in need basis.
  11. Plumbing and fittings: – The maintenance is done by, Vastu Vyavstha Vibhag MKSSS.