Material Museum

A variety of materials are used in the construction of buildings and infrastructure development. A wide range of conventional building materials is readily available in market. Also new building materials are being introduced to the market almost daily.

In order to update the students’ knowledge on building materials along with building services like water supply and sanitation, plumbing, electrical and mechanical fittings and fixtures, insulation, acoustics, etc, samples of these variety of material are displayed in museum. These samples are facilitated with information in form of charts and brochures mentioning their specifications like properties, availability, market forms, etc.

The application in construction and working details in form of drawing panels are displayed in the material museum. The large and small scaled models of various building components are also displayed in the museum. This helps students for better understanding of topic that taught in the classroom.

Students doing market survey and procuring samples are also displayed. This enables them to see different materials in-house.