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At BNCA we understand the importance of mentoring and that every student in the institute should have access to a mentor. To address several student problems including stress related issues, the college has assigned full time faculty as mentors to the students. With a healthy mentor mentee ratio we have developed a culture of mentoring.

The mentor functions like a ‘life teacher’. With guidance from the mentor, students learn to maximize their potential , develop their skills and improve their performance. They are taught to accept responsibility for their own learning experience.  Mentors understand and allow for differences in personalities and determine how each girl learns best and give them the foundation and room to grow.

The students in the respective mentor groups not only bond with the mentor but also become a support system for each other, often solving each other’s problems and becoming buddies through this system. It is not that a mentor is required to always solve issues and problems. Students who are doing well and do not have any major problems can get a boost through this system that propels them to excel at their endeavours.

A full time Counsellor is appointed at BNCA , functioning as an important link in this system, where the mentor can refer the student.

Besides this, a hierarchy system is also embedded in the BNCA  culture to address problems at the initial level itself.  Starting with the class teacher, subject teachers, head of department, academic head and the principal, all are accessible to the students.

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