Aarti Verma

Designation: Associate Professor



Aarti Verma is a Post Graduate in Landscape Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad. Being an Associate Professor at BNCA, she has focussed on teaching Landscape Design, Urban Design and Architectural Research at Under-graduate as well as Post-graduate course. Developing awareness about Landscape Design in students’ minds has been her key objective.

Having a research edge, she has published papers in the National and International refereed journals. Her Landscape Research includes studies related to History of Landscape Architecture and understanding sociological aspects of Residential Landscapes.

Apart from academics, she is interested in reading fiction, writing poetry and travelling.

Aarti has been teaching Architecture and Landscape at Undergraduate and Post graduate course for 15 years. Her subjects have been Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture, Research in Architecture, Landscape Technology, and Plants & Design. She has also guided students for Architectural Design Project (Architectural Thesis) for past 10 years. She has been an academician exploring various teaching methodologies. She has mentored in various academic workshops and been guest lecturer on her subjects. Her academic mentorship has always focussed on People-Centric designs with user sensitivity. She believes Landscape Design and efficient Site Planning is extremely important while designing.  She has been the Convener for National Research Conference on ‘Built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice’ conducted in October 2022.

Apart from Academics, her hobbies have been Poetry, Singing, Reading Fiction, and Travelling.

Her doctoral thesis has been ‘Exploring the Influence of Personal Values on Private Residential Gardens’. It has been a mixed method research focussed on Private Residential gardens in the city of Pune. Apart from this, she has co-authored various research papers published in UGC listed journals and Conference Proceedings. She has presented a paper titled 2012 ‘Teaching Methodologies in Landscape Architecture: An Introspection’ in International Conference by IFLA at Cape Town in 2012 and co-authored paper titled ‘Digitalized Re-rendering a City’s Landscape at DLA Conference help at Germany in 2012. Her expertise involves Research based writing and activities.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE- Landscape Architecture


October 2022Co-Authored paper titled 1.Adaptation Potential Of Our Residences Post Covid-19 Lockdown 2.Citizen’s Preference Regarding The Development Of The Mutha Riverfront Lead Towards Social Interaction ISBN 978 – 81 – 955887 – 1- 8  
May 2021Co-Authored paper titled Translation of Political Ideologies into Architecture: A Case of Democratic Architecture published at International Journal of Engineering Research Volume No.10, Special Issue No.1 ISSN:2319-6890 (online), 2347-5013(print) 7 th&8thMay. 2021
Mar. 2020Paper Publication in IJAEC (UGC Care list Journal) titled “Integral Elements of Residential Livable Environments”
July 2019Presented Paper Titled “Home Gardens as Locales of Urban Ecology” at VISTARA International Conference on Architectural Anthropology, Chennai
  Sept. 2017Paper Accepted for Publication in Journal of Architecture titled “ Artistic Expression in Residential Gardens”
March 2017Presented Paper in An International Conference on Cultural Resource Management titled “Gardens as Expression of Man-Nature Relationship”
Jan. 2014 Co-Authored a paper published in SPANDREL on Historic Urban Landscapes
Sept 2013Published a news article in the online newsletter of IFLA on Landscape Pedagogy
Sept 2012International Paper presentation (Poster format) at the International Conference organised by International Federation of Landscape Architects at Cape Town, South Africa Topic: Teaching methodologies in Landscape Architecture: An Introspection
June 2012Paper presentation and publication in DLA conference in Germany titled “Digitalised re-rendering of A City’s Landscape”
  Nov. 2011Paper presentation at a workshop “Teaching Landscape at Undergraduate level” organized by ISOLA, at Rachana Sansad, Mumbai Topic: Apprehensions and Appreciation of Landscape, A Teaching  Experience
Feb. 2010Paper submission for the International Conference on Healthy Cities, organised by BNCA, Pune Topic: Changing character of courtyards in Indian Architecture




CEPT, Ahmedabad

M.Arch, Landscape Architecture