Amar Shetty

Designation: Assistant Professor



Amar Shetty graduated in 2018 as an Architect and pursued application of data driven architectural strategies and subsequently became an assistant faculty at BNCA’s Department of Digital Architecture in 2021.

He is the Author/ Developer of ‘ Weaver Ant ‘ which initiated in 2019 as a plugin for grasshopper and is an outcome of research in robotic weaving, used by academicians and industry professionals has led to the open-ended development of plugin for varied machinic processes and digital design platforms. He has published plugins such as ‘ Weaver Ant ‘ and ‘ MutAnt ’ on

He delves into developing methods which convolute a thread between data, design, material with human and machinic production systems within a range of products, architectural strategies and urban installations. He investigates into bridging the academic experiments and industrial application by disseminating the strategies developed from the digital and physically manifested applications pertaining to the built environment.