Dr. Amruta Garud

Designation: Assistant Professor





Introducing Dr. Amruta Garud, an Assistant Professor whose expertise lies at the intersection of Urban and Regional Studies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As the head of the GIS Research Lab, Dr. Amruta Garud leads innovative research initiatives that leverage cutting-edge spatial analysis techniques in the field of built environment. With a passion for exploring the interconnectedness of spatial data and societal challenges, Dr. Amruta Garud is committed to nurturing the next generation of architects and planners in the field.  

Dr. Amruta Garud also engaged in research brainstorming short visit to the University of California Santa Cruz, California, USA, in May 2018, as well as a Postgraduate Exchange Program under the IIT-DAAD Sandwich Scholarship Program at Karlsruhe University of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany, from September 2014 to April 2015. 

Dr. Amruta Garud, who joined BNCA in 2022, has been teaching a diverse range of courses to B.Arch students, which include Urban Studies, Architectural Design, Communication Skills, Fundamentals of Architecture, Geographic Information System and Research in Architecture. 

Additionally, Dr. Amruta Garud served as the Conference Convener of the National Conference on Built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice in October 2022 at MKSSS’s Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture Pune. 


Architecture Campus Planning Urban Planning Regional planning Spatial Data Analysis Gen AI Applications for Urban and Regional planning  Architecture Remote sensing & GIS Ecosystem Services Communications Skills Sustainable development Urban Policies Corporate Social Responsibility 


  1. Third Party Assessment for the City Beauty Competition by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in December 2023 | Responsibility- Urban Planning Expert 
  1. RURBAN mission in Maharashtra – Evaluation of clusters for spatial planning in December 2020 by SDG lab- IIT Bombay | Responsibility- Research Associate 
  1. IIT Bombay’s project on the COVID Awareness in Villages- a project for the MHRD in June 2020 | Responsibility- Online survey platform management and data analysis 
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roadmap preparation for the IRCTC in Dec 2018 | Responsibility- Project coordinator 
  1. Video-based training of frontline health workers- CTARA- Dhamtari district administration project in 2017 | Responsibility- Research support and examiner 
  1. DPR for the capacity building institute for the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Govt. of Maharashtra in 2017 | Responsibility- Research Associate 

Invited Talks 

Pune University



Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

M.Arch - Urban and Rural Planning



Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Research & Publications


Patterns of Urban Transformation of Pune City

A Case of 30 Years, Book of Abstracts of SMUS conference India 2023 at IIT Roorkee,

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Investigating Causes of Transportation Bottlenecks

A Case Study in the City of Pune, Book of Abstracts of SMUS conference India 2023 at IIT Roorkee

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Space Design for Better Learning Environments, Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings of the National Conference on Built Environment and Beyond

Theory and Practice 2022

Download the paper

Deriving Municipal Solid Waste Miles for an Indian metropolitan city

A case of Pune city, International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Annapolis Washington, D.C. USA. ISSN 1091-8043, Page no.98-108

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Understanding the implications of the loss of peri-urban arable land on an urban system

A case of Pune Metropolitan Region, ICUSE2020 Mumbai, India: 28-29 February 2020, pp 433-445

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Social and Policy Study for Municipal Solid Waste Management Planning for Small Towns in Maharashtra

Case of Mowad, Recycle 2018 Springer.

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Integrating Sustainable Food System Planning to Regional Land Use Planning

A Case of Pune Metropolitan Region, India, icRS Cities 2019, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia. Available at  https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3408267  

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Urbanizing India and the Need for Natural Resources Planning, American Society

Urbanizing India and the Need for Natural Resources Planning, American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE India conference at IIT Delhi 2017. Available at https://ascelibrary.org/doi/10.1061/9780784482025.057 

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Reviewer for the Food Security Springer journal since November 2020

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