Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe

Designation: Professor

Experience: 23 Years


Institutional Roles
Professor, Head of Landscape Architecture Department
Convener, Founder Member, Mentor (in-house), BNCA Research Hub
Academic Research co-ordinator (ARC),BNCA, SPPU
Member, IQAC Cell
NAAC, Coordinator for Criteria 3 – Research and Innovation
GATE Scholarship (AICTE) Co-ordinator, M.Arch Courses, BNCA
Head, CEL(Centre for Ecological Landscapes), BNCA
Founder Member, Landscape Lab, BNCA

Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe, Professor, is associated with Department of Landscape Architecture, BNCA (Dr. Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture for Women, MKSSS, Pune, India) since 2006. She has been one of the key members and expert in framing the syllabus of the course right from its inception stage. She is passionately working towards empowering women through Landscape Architecture education, research and practice throughout her career so far and intends to works towards widening the horizons for women in the field.

She completed her Masters in Landscape Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. After working with Senior Landscape Architect Ravindra Bhan in New Delhi, she got opportunity to work with Association for Metropolitan Development Authorities (AMDA) for Delhi Master Plan 2021. She has been in the field of Landscape Architecture for more than 20 years, doing consulting work for various national and state level organizations. GATE scholarship top ranker, a merit holder at Bachelor Level and a recipient of Gold Medal at Masters Level , she is presently teaching and practicing Landscape Architecture. During her academic career she is involved in research and has published papers which address the aspects of landscape architecture, pedagogy, landscape regionalism and design thinking in landscape architecture. 

She actively contributes in the work of Indian Society of Landscape Architects – ISOLA as a fellow member. Since last four years, she has been taking the responsibility as a Convenor, Education Board, ISOLA. She has been instrumental in building up ISOLA as a facilitator for quality education in Landscape Architecture in Indian context.

She has initiated a platform of ‘LA-FORUM’ (Landscape Architects Forum) which intends to encourage landscape professionals & students to come on a common platform, share their experiences, knowledge and views. She structures and conducts studios and academic sessions for Landscape Design studio, dissertation, research paper and landscape management at post graduate level. She conceptualizes and conducts workshops on Design Thinking.

The founder and mentor of “Center for Ecological Landscapes” at BNCA, Swati has been instrumental in bridging the gap between academics and practice by creating opportunities to learn from and to work with a multidisciplinary panel of experts in cultural and ecological restoration practices. Also the founder and mentor of “Landscape Lab”, she enjoys actively engaging herself with faculty and students in capacity building initiatives at BNCA.

Her research work and interests focus on design thinking and design knowledge in Landscape Architecture, and exploring an interface of landscape design with nature-urban ecology and cultural landscape studies.

Ph.D Centre BNCA



SPA (School of planning and Architecture), New Delhi, India

M.Arch Landscape Architecture


BKPS College of Architecture, Pune (SPPU Affiliated)