Madhuri Zite

Designation: Associate Professor



Prof. Madhuri Zite is a practicing professional, an academician and a dedicated mentor in the field of Planning and Architecture, with over 21 years of experience and multiple publications under her belt.

She believes in the importance of correlation of theoretical as well as practical approach in developing and selecting appropriate teaching methodology.

She has worked on various esteemed Architectural & Interior Design Projects & has publications on national and International platforms for the same. Town planning as her domain of research she has worked on various Town & urban scale projects and has handled various Industrial layouts and Township design proposals. She was appointed as Chief Architect for the “Panchagani Beautification” proposal for the period of five years between 2007 to 2012.
She has worked on beautification of urban squares at Phaltan, Dist. Satara and currently working on Rurban proposal for Proposed Market place at Shirwal, Dist. Satara. Also she is currently working on the Ghats development work near Nasik District for various pockets. She is compassionate and genuine towards the architectural fraternity. She values the importance of growth in the field being brought into the classroom learning. She provides guidance and constructive feedback to each student while also valuing their opinions and initiatives. She is currently exploring in the field with major focus on user centric design approach & methodology and undertaking various projects related to public participation in resolving urban issues. She has attended training programs related to People centric approaches for the Design of Public Spaces and also she underwent training for “Reimagining Urban Voids”. Recently her research paper got published on “Rurban population and their awareness towards planning norms” in National Conference proceedings. Also she has guided two Research proposals which got published in National Conference proceedings. She is guiding and encouraging various students under Research in Architecture and Architectural Design Project for various urban issue based projects. She likes to encourage her students to take part in ongoing architectural competitions on collegiate, national and international levels. She has guided/mentored several teams in such, bringing back great wins.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE- Town Planning, Urban Planning & Design

Government College of Engineering, Pune. University of Pune ,Maharashtra State

M.E. Town & Country Planning


Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College,Aurangabad. B.A.Marathwada University, Maharashtra State.



Research & Publications


Rurban Population And Their Awareness Towards Planning Norms - Ar. Madhuri Zite, Dr. Parag G Narkhede

National online conference on Planning, Design, and Management 2022

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Impact of commercial gentrification on the community wellbeing in residential areas: A study of developing streets of Nashik City - Anuja Kale, Ar. Madhuri Zite

Proceedings of the Conference – Built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice 18th and 19th October 2022

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An objective study on National Education Policy 2020 in relation to Indian school Design Aditi Dhorde, Ar. Madhuri Zite

Proceedings of the Conference – Built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice 18th and 19th October 2022

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To Experiment, Affordable Temporary Night shelter for Homeless, Using Paper-Mache Hiteshe Kapadia, Ar. Madhuri Zite

National Students Conference 2nd edition, RESEARCH IN ARCHITECTURE, 2020

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Defining the Urban Context of the heritage city of Satara – Anushka Kulkarni, Madhuri Zite

Built Environment and Beyond: Theory and Practice 2023

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