Sayali Andhare

Designation: Assistant Professor



Sayali Andhare is trained as an architect from VNIT (Visvesvaraiyya National Institute of Technology). Later she had a privilege of working with architect Mr. Nilkanth Chhaya on various architectural projects. There she first experienced working in appropriate technologies like bamboo construction and earth construction. She then worked with Indigo Architects where the focus of architectural practice was indigenous methods of working and rootedness in culture. Her inspiration in architecture comes from the Indian culture and realization of its diverse dimensions. These early influences triggered a passion towards working with traditional building materials such as bamboo and mud. To inculcate these dying principles into the younger generation, she teaches pivotal subjects of architectural design and building construction at B.N.C.A Pune.
She runs her own practice called Shoonya. Shoonya is an architectural firm which believes in contextually rooted design solutions and appropriate building construction methods. The ideology of the firm has developed around the concept of sustainability and the buildings act as a medium to take this thought further.

Dr. Bhanuben Nanawati College of Architecture, Pune

M.Arch: Environmental Architecture


V.N.I.T-Visvesvaraiyya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur