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1. Books


Design as an Equalizer
Published in September 2019
Edited by Ar. Prof. Kavita Murugkar, this book by BNCA’s Universal Design Centre, is a first and early attempt to compile papers written by students and educators from various Architectural institutes across India, describing how they used the Universal Design approach to come up with architectural designs and details that try to address the broadest spectrum of users including people with disabilities.
This compilation consisting of 15 papers, illustrating inclusive design solutions for diverse typologies of spaces and functions, ranging from a public toilet to an urban design project, shall serve as a useful and handy resource not just for architecture students, but also for the educators and practicing architects and researchers.

Towards an Ecological Landscape
ISBN 978-81-920642-5-3
Published in 2018
Priced at INR 625/-
Write up
Edited by Ar. Swati Sahasrabuddhe, Ar. Peeyush Sekhsaria and Parikshit Suryavanshi
Towards an Ecological Landscape with its theme (Pune and its environs) is the 1st series (TEL-1 2015). This book published by BNCA Publication Cell holds an array of articles which carry the essence of 14 presentations delivered by experts from varied fields such as ecology, botany, landscape architecture, water management, forest conversation, environment, urban planning and design, environmental sciences. The book consists of valuable bundle of knowledge about ecological landscapes to explore your own scope towards future liveable and sustainable environment.
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Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary
ISBN 978-81-920642-2-2
Published in 2017
Priced at INR 320/-

Edited by Ar. Swati Sahasrabuddhe and Ar.Peeyush Sekhsaria, this book is a documentation of ecological aspects of Yelavali village in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary and its surrounding areas based on the field studies carried out as part of Master’s in landscape architecture studio on ecology. This book intends to capture the ecological essence of the setting through the language of graphics and imagery. The book contains the documentation, trail map and analysis of the natural habitats and the associated resources in a given setting. The book hopes to serve as a demonstrative guide for people of all age groups and backgrounds camping at Yelavali Village, helping them have a deeper experience with nature and the people of Yelavali.
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Shades of Grey and Green
Author: Sanjay Deshpande
This book talks of the urban issues that our city faces. This book provokes people to think and act for the betterment of our living environment. Through these pages one finds various shades of ‘grey’ and ‘green’, where all greys stand for concerns and greens for delight. Through these narratives, the author conveys his own point of view. The author, who is a builder by profession , ensures that all the construction works and schemes developed under his leadership are predominantly user and environment friendly.
Published in 2014
Priced at INR 700/-

Temples, Wadas and Institutions of Pune
Author: Ar. Gopal Krishna Kanhere
This book is an illustrated Architectural documentation and evaluation of some 43 select and significant Heritage Temples , Wadas and institutions which adorned the city of Pune.They span a period from 10th century to early 20th century .Enthusiasm about conservation and heritage with expanding tourism has created a need for such a book.It is also as a mission to create public awareness and appreciation of the rich heritage of Maratha and Peshwai Architecture. Richly illustrated, it provides valuable data of wadas, temples as well as some colonial buildings like Deccan college.
ISBN 978-81-920642-3-9
Published in 2013
Priced at INR 2700/-

Inclusive India Re : Pune
Authors : Tina Wik & Ar. Sharvey Dhongde
This book is an output of the Studio collaboration between the post masters program of the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm KKH and the masters program of BNCA, Pune in the year 2011-12.The focus was on the problems created by fast growing Indian cities, where no adequate planning tools exist for safeguarding their historic parts. The book showcases the work performed during the study year 2011-12 developed to a proposed Action Plan for an Urban Conservation plan for Pune Historic City
ISBN 978-81-920642-4-6
Published in 2012
Paperback priced at INR 700/-
Hardback priced at INR 900/-

Nata and Parallel Exams
Author : Ar. Anshul Gujrathi
This book helps to develop techniques for scoring at the various tests like NATA, MHCET (Arch) , AIEEE(Arch), NID Entrance and Intermediate Drawing exam. The book intends to bring out the latent aptitude for Architecture that today’s young generation has. This book gives complete study of topics stated in the exam syllabus along with general information and basic Architectural History.
The entire test is based on exercises evaluating the creativity and aptitude. For those who have the aptitude but are unaware of it, this book is a great help. The book is amply illustrated by diagrams, pictorial representations and color schemes.
Published in 2010
Priced at INR 350/-

Chidakash Ghatakash
Author: Ar. Prof Arun Ogale Edited by Ar. Chetan Sahasrabuddhe
This book is a compilation of selected articles authored by Prof. Arun Ogale from 1969 to 2009. His lucid style that appeals to not only Architects , but also familiarizes the common man with Architecture. The book speaks about Indian and Foreign Master Architects through fine examples of ‘unbound space’ and ‘bound space’, lending the book its name
ISBN 978-81-920642-1-5
Published in 2010
Priced at INR 350/-

Achyut Kanvinde
Edited by Ar. Sharvey Dhongde and Ar. Chetan Sahasrabuddhe
This is the very first book published by the BNCA Publication Cell, which is a commemorative volume on the works of the first Indian Modernist, Padmashree Ar. Achyut Kanvinde. The Kanvinde commemoration volume is a part of the Kanvinde Memorial lecture series mooted by Prof. Arun Ogale and largely comprises of three sections viz. Kanvinde’s biography, his works and writings and tributes paid to him by his contemporaries, B. V. Doshi, Charles Correa and Ar. Anant Raje. The included works bring out Kanvindes’ intellectual rigour and his mastery as a form maker.
The fact that the book was released by Ar. B.V. Doshi, is a matter of great pride for BNCA.
ISBN 978-81-920642-0-8
Published in 2009
Priced at INR 450/-

FORTHCOMING (Not yet published)

  • A Book on the History of BNCA
  • Faculty book of Memoirs
  • Architectural Design Yearbook 2020-21

2. Newsletters & Periodicals

    LANTURN stands for Landscape Turning Point, which is a newsletter of the Masters department of Landscape Architecture at BNCA.The first issue was published in March 2009 and was followed by several issues showcasing students projects of documentation, teachers training programmes and various activities of the Landcsape Department. The last published issue was in April 2011.
    ENREACH is a half yearly newsletter of the Masters department of Environmental Architecture at BNCA.There have been no new issues in the last two years but it would be continued as an e-newsletter with a 6 monthly frequency. It will basically look at the department works, news, etc. along with an article based on a theme.
    BUILD-TEXT is a half yearly issue contributed by the Archineering Cell. The first issue was published in 2016.Prof. Poorva Kulkarni is the chief editor of this publication in cooperation with the colleagues of the department who are the contributors to the success of BuildText.Every issue is based on a topic or a theme and contributors to the topic are Faculty and students.
  • BNCA Newsletter
    This half yearly newsletter showcases the happenings across all five years of the Bachelors course. This includes news about workshops, guest lectures, site visits, settlement study across all the five years and is a valuable resource to recall and recollect several successfully organized events.