Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be one of the best colleges of Architecture in the world, by achieving the highest standards in Architectural Education, Research and other related activities besides uplifting the socio-economic, educational and spiritual status of women.


Life is not only larger than Architecture or Design but above all other disciplines of education put together.
Our mission is to create good Architects, with a complete personality who can do justice to all aspects of life, besides developing into good human beings.


  • The objective of architectural education at BNCA is to discover and nurture the artistic skills, intellectual abilities and creative instincts of the students. To build the competencies within the girls for becoming professional architects whose design solutions would contribute to the welfare of the society with quality , sustainability and environmental friendliness and innovation to add to the economic development of the country.
  • To focus on research in the field of technology in architecture, planning and web based training of an international level
  • To provide a global exposure to BNCA students in architectural education, placement and professional career.


Institutional Goals
  • Education to enable lifelong love for learning
  • Education through a confluence of Head, Heart, and Hands
  • Education to empower thinking and working for a sustainable future
  • Education to train building professionals to recognise the role of Culture and Environment in Sustainability
  • Education to understand that Ethics and Aesthetics are integral to the practice of Architecture
Institutional Core Values
  • Education for Emancipation
  • Accepting multiplicity of cultural expressions
  • Intellectual humility
  • Ethical means for ethical ends
  • Design for people